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Search as a Service for a great search experience

Have a big media website, e-commerce catalog, lots of content or many variables that require a custom search engine? Users are constantly exposed to great search on their favorite platforms and they expect to find it on every site and application that they use, including yours. This is where Algolia comes in: Search as a Service - software and tools that help to implement efficient, flexible, and insightful search on any site or application.

Top Search Engine powered by Algolia

Algolia is a popular cloud search engine, capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke. Algolia’s API lets you quickly implement search within any website or mobile application. Algolia Search powers billions of queries monthly for 1000s of companies, instantly delivering relevant results anywhere in the world.

Algolia Pricing: Search Engine implementation and maintenance costs

With Algolia, your business can have a Google-like search experience that requires 1000s of engineering hours at a fraction of the cost. Entry-level Algolia Pricing starts from $29/month for smaller projects and SMBs can enable their business with a search for $499/month. Enterprise feature-rich options for businesses at scale, coupled with extra security, compliance, and support require annual commitment and contacting the Algolia team.  Algolia search engine integration costs depend on the size and detail of your data. Get in touch with us by filling the form below to receive a free cost estimate for integrating search into your app or website.

Algolia Integration and Configuration

Algolia is a popular search engine and there are Algolia Integrations available for every popular framework or platform. Implementing Algolia can be broken down into a simple 3-step process and we will help you build and configure the best solution as quickly as possible:

1. Indexing your data in Algolia

Your backend will send data to Algolia. It is important when indexing your data to choose which fields should be included. You only want to index the data needed for searching, displaying, filtering, and ranking. All other data points not needed for these cases should be excluded in order to keep your index optimized.

2. Configuring ranking settings

Algolia provides many ways to configure your index and fine-tune your overall index relevancy. Algolia has pre-set many sensible defaults that should work for most use cases. However, you may find your data set requires further configuration tweaking.

3. Building a search experience/user interface

Once your data has been indexed and your indices properly configured, the final step is to implement search within your site or application. What type of user experience you create is entirely flexible - Algolia allows you to craft any type of experience.

Algolia Demo and Examples

There are 1000s of Algolia Search integrations and some of the industries benefiting the most are e-commerce, travel, media, and SaaS. Please visit the Algolia Search website for case studies, tutorials and demo. 

PINKDROIDS Algolia Search Integration

At PINKDROIDS we are focused to deliver the best results for our clients and we have chosen Algolia as our Search Partner to develop an outstanding search experience for any app or website. Recently we've done Custom Algolia Search integration for a SaaS project where we implemented multiple filters, infinite loading, analytics, and more. The project required us to implement 2 indices (databases). We also implemented a local search history data saving for internal analysis and configured Algolia filters for better search experience.  We specialize in the following Algolia integration services:
  • Algolia React / JS / Javascript
  • Algolia React Native
  • Algolia Python/Django
Let us deliver an amazing search experience for your users and get the search integration started as early as tomorrow!


$60 USD/h

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